I promised myself I would never own sweats,,,


I hate sweatpants.  I don’t even like them on athletes.  They seem like such a lazy clothing option.  I’ve always said, “Hell no, you won’t find my ass in a pair of those sloppy things.”  The closest I’ve ever come is a black Adidas track suit I limit to outdoor activities involving soccer balls and dog walking.  That was until two days ago, when I was gifted the most amazing fleece, black, drawstring, sweat-type pants.  OMG, these things are amazing!!!  I swear they are slightly tailored, comfortable, and unbelievably warm!  I can’t wait to come home and slip them on! I envision the things we will do together like drink hot chocolate(aka Bailey’s and coffee), decorate the Christmas tree on a cold winter night, recover in bed from New Years together……  But I will never wear these to the mall or even a gas station, once I go down that road, the next thing you know, I’ll be the middle-aged woman at the mall in a matching Victorias Secret blinged out sweat suit pretending I got dressed up (I loathe that look on a woman).  No amount of rhinestones will get me into sweats, but these fleece numbers I have on…if you come to my door and I don’t answer, it’s because I won’t be seen in public in anything resembling sweats and I’m not taking these off past 8 p.m. and you showed up at 8:30……



2 comments on “I promised myself I would never own sweats,,,

  1. SuSuBee says:

    Now I know the perfect gift to get you for Christmas next year!! http://www.pajama jeans.com. LOL!!

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