Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova

natalia queen large

This is my favorite artwork of hers, Goncharova’s Queen of Shamakhan.  I would love to own this!  I LOVE IT! Someday, I hope I get to see a show of her work, I would also like to view the costumes she designed and the clothes she made for Marie Cuttoli’s shop in Paris.  My jaw would hit the floor I’m sure!  It would be so inspiring, I’d probably dust off my sewing machine and make something!  I wonder if I can find a reprint of this somewhere…? I really want this in my house!

I also like Annunciation, her illustration for the book, “Hermits, Orange Vender, and Espangnole, but not nearly as much as “Queen of Shamakhan” THAT IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE! 🙂 Art is so EXCITING!!!!!!!

Natalia annunciation
Natalia orange vender
Natalia hermit


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