Since it’s Halloween, did you ever hear about death mountain?

This year was the first time I’ve ever heard of Death Mountain and the nine hikers that were found dead there in 1959.  I am glad I didn’t know this story prior to my last camping trip, I may have never made it. What could have happened?  They say the tents were cut from the inside, they had internal body injuries, but no bruising or external damage, not even a scratch?  They fled barefoot into the below freezing temperature?  What could make smart, seasoned hikers, like they were, do that? In my opinion, nothing but pure fear can explain it.  I have read theories about UFO’s, an avalanche, etc. But, it always comes back to one thing for me, how can you explain that Lyudmilla Dubimininas eyes and tongue were missing?  Those two details change everything. Otherwise, I think an avalanche would explain it.  Such a sad and scary story, I hope someday we all find out what really happened to those hikers. It sure is a mysterious, frightening, and peculiar event.

Here is a link to an article about this story/happening:


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