Chavela Vargas singer and a lover to Frida Kahlo…

I’m not sure who had a more interesting life, Chavela or Frida?  Regardless, they were both intriguing, strong, and committed to individuality, which I always admire in a person!  Chavela was dressing like a man, smoking cigars, carrying a gun and singing alone on the streets of Mexico in the 1940’s while she tried to make it as a professional singer. I love when a person doesn’t give up on their dreams or change who they are to get there! Somewhere during that time she met Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, moved in with them and had an affair with Frida!(Frida wrote about unrequited love for her in her diaries.) I am not usually a fan of Mexican Rancheras because they always make me think, “What. Cry. Babies!”  But when I listen to them sung by Chavela Vargas, I feel intense emotion that makes me want to pour myself tequilla and weep alongside the wounded.  I have to admit “Fallaste Corazon”  goes well with tequilla surrounded by your friends, especially if you ever find yourself in the midst of living its translation ” You failed, my love….. 



Video from: Pedro Olvera M. on Youtube.


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