No, I don’t want to become a member & add more crap to my key chain!

I am tired of going into a store, seeing a different amount when I am rung up than what was on the sign, and then being asked told, I can only have that price if I become a member and sign up with my phone number.  Do you know how many of those minicards I already have on my key chain? “No, I don’t want anymore!” And you know what else?  My car ignition even said, “No.” It’s tired of them too; they’re getting heavy!  These stores need to stop with the club. card. bullshit!   And quit calling it a “Club!” The only kind of club I am interested in has liquor, pounding music, (or Jazz) and people who are trying to entice me into fun things!  Your “Club-Cards”  only make finding my house-key more difficult after a night of real thing…. 


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