I turned the other cheek to an enemy today…

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I turned the other cheek to somebody today that never would have afforded me the same courtesy.  This person would trip me as I tiptoed past a lion’s den, if the opportunity presented itself.  My soul intervened and I thought to myself, “This person is pitiful, and in distress, help them, do it for yourself, karma,…..etc.”  But in the end, I thought, “Would this person have shown you mercy or helped you if you were in a bind?”  The answer (WITHOUT A DOUBT) was most certainly not.  This person would have said, “Tough s&^!” and not looked back; had I been in the same circumstance.  Why did I do it?  Did I do the right thing?  Why am I not at peace with my decision? Jesus turned the other cheek to his enemies but I doubt he ever met this person(lol) and when was the last time I rode a donkey or turned water into wine?  Who am I to attempt to understand his ways?  I am a strong-willed person, I speak my mind, I fight for anything and anyone when I feel there has been a wrong, but my decision today has resulted in tossing and turning and an unbalanced temperament.  Actually, I think the reason I am agonizing is that if I’m being honest, I am not comfortable turning the other cheek to this person, and in doing so,  I’ve betrayed myself. Although, I wonder if I would have felt worse had I chose to imitate the behavior I so despise in this person? Only time will tell if I’ve made the right decision… 


2 comments on “I turned the other cheek to an enemy today…

  1. charcoalblue says:

    Sometimes turning the other cheek is a slap in the cheek. Hope so in this case.

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