Adriana Lima for Numero Tokyo December 2013



Model Adriana Lima;

Photographed by Vincent Peters.

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Since it’s Halloween, did you ever hear about death mountain?

This year was the first time I’ve ever heard of Death Mountain and the nine hikers that were found dead there in 1959.  I am glad I didn’t know this story prior to my last camping trip, I may have never made it. What could have happened?  They say the tents were cut from the inside, they had internal body injuries, but no bruising or external damage, not even a scratch?  They fled barefoot into the below freezing temperature?  What could make smart, seasoned hikers, like they were, do that? In my opinion, nothing but pure fear can explain it.  I have read theories about UFO’s, an avalanche, etc. But, it always comes back to one thing for me, how can you explain that Lyudmilla Dubimininas eyes and tongue were missing?  Those two details change everything. Otherwise, I think an avalanche would explain it.  Such a sad and scary story, I hope someday we all find out what really happened to those hikers. It sure is a mysterious, frightening, and peculiar event.

Here is a link to an article about this story/happening:

Chavela Vargas singer and a lover to Frida Kahlo…

I’m not sure who had a more interesting life, Chavela or Frida?  Regardless, they were both intriguing, strong, and committed to individuality, which I always admire in a person!  Chavela was dressing like a man, smoking cigars, carrying a gun and singing alone on the streets of Mexico in the 1940’s while she tried to make it as a professional singer. I love when a person doesn’t give up on their dreams or change who they are to get there! Somewhere during that time she met Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, moved in with them and had an affair with Frida!(Frida wrote about unrequited love for her in her diaries.) I am not usually a fan of Mexican Rancheras because they always make me think, “What. Cry. Babies!”  But when I listen to them sung by Chavela Vargas, I feel intense emotion that makes me want to pour myself tequilla and weep alongside the wounded.  I have to admit “Fallaste Corazon”  goes well with tequilla surrounded by your friends, especially if you ever find yourself in the midst of living its translation ” You failed, my love….. 



Video from: Pedro Olvera M. on Youtube.

Starbucks is conditioning my behavior

imagesCA4IHNZ1I’ve barely come to the realization that Starbucks is conditioning and modifying my behavior. Do you remember that episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon begins to modify Penny’s behavior by using chocolate as a behavioral conditioning reward? That is what Starbucks is doing to me! They sucked me in by making me a gold card member and now they reward me for going there enough. I’ll admit it. I literally wag my tail when the email comes in saying, “You’ve earned a reward! Try any item you want on us!” You know what I do? I leap with joy and go wild the next time I am in there. I end up trying some new item that I would normally never buy and feel proud of myself afterward? (The tomato-basil mozzarella sandwich is really good.) Well, no more!(fist pounding) I am on to it, today I used my reward for a 32 ounce pumpkin spice latte, shared it with my friend and felt like I got one over on them! I am in control of this system now! I am going robin hood with this shit! I don’t know how this happened to me? I don’t even like Starbucks. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is where it’s at, but they don’t have one where I live. Otherwise, I would throw my gold card out the window! They’ve turned me into a puppy. But don’t worry about me, I’m a fighter, “Woof.”

No, I don’t want to become a member & add more crap to my key chain!

I am tired of going into a store, seeing a different amount when I am rung up than what was on the sign, and then being asked told, I can only have that price if I become a member and sign up with my phone number.  Do you know how many of those minicards I already have on my key chain? “No, I don’t want anymore!” And you know what else?  My car ignition even said, “No.” It’s tired of them too; they’re getting heavy!  These stores need to stop with the club. card. bullshit!   And quit calling it a “Club!” The only kind of club I am interested in has liquor, pounding music, (or Jazz) and people who are trying to entice me into fun things!  Your “Club-Cards”  only make finding my house-key more difficult after a night of real thing….