The threat of falling off of the ferris wheel is kinda the point…

I can’t resist a fair or a street carnival.  If I miss one while driving I will hit the brakes and skid a little just to make a u-turn, hop on a ferris wheel, and buy a candy apple!  I think fairs and carnivals are charming!  I love going on the largest ferris wheel and looking at the fair lights and night sky from above.  I equally enjoy the glitter cars that go in circles and turn so fast that you feel a constant breeze in your face and hair.  The problem is my friends usually scoff a little, not at all amused. I’ll hear things like, they are too old to go with me, their stomach can’t handle it or “How can you do that?  Carnies on drugs put those rides up! You could fall off and die!”  To that I say, “Hold my purse and we can die walking out the front door. Wave to me when I get to the top!”  A carnie built ferris wheel is kind of what gives me such a great rush!  It’s like for that moment I am living on the edge, I’m rock-n-roll, my version of jumping out of a plane, partying hard or bungee jumping. (FYI-you couldn’t pay me to do the latter) For three dollars, I get to gamble and do something fearless all while listening to the sounds of people living in the moment, laughing, and enjoying themselves.  I get to feel the wind on my face and the rush of adrenaline coursing through my body with each whirl, all while smiling like a child.  Except now at the end of a ride, I am rewarded with an ice-cold beer on tap and a gooey, yummy, caramel apple rolled in peanuts on my way out of the gate; I try not to get caramel from my fingers on my balloon and I never leave before I’ve tried to win a goldfish…..



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