I finally got around to reading “Fairyland” this weekend.  I enjoyed it.  I’m always a sucker for flamboyance and I figured any man with enough sense to wear such a cool suit and pulled his daughter out of school for the pic; was worth my time. Love.that.suit.  🙂

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The full moon, Van Morrison and Pinot Grigio…

The full moon is so beautiful tonight that I can confidently use the word “mystical” to describe it.  The term of which led me to Van Morrison, and a sudden urge to sing Into the Mystic and Moondance.  It was strange, because I haven’t really listened to those songs in years, but I was able to recite all of the lyrics tonight perfectly….  I saw the moon on my drive home and had a yearning to walk toward it……

I came inside, poured myself a chilled glass of Italian Pinot Grigio, slipped off my shoes and walked out the front door, still holding my wine glass, toward the moon.  Drinking a glass of wine on a walk was new to me and made me feel like an outlaw, but it was also one of the best decisions I’ve made all week.  The night air was crisp and refreshing, it was just what I needed.  If I am being honest, I need to admit that when I first started my walk the song that initially popped into to my head was “rolling down the street in my 64…” which made me burst out laughing.(If you are cool, you know what I’m talking about…)  However, I changed the words to, “rolling down the street with my Pinot, jocking these b&%$#@, slappin a h*&……lol”  I feel sorry for people who are too uptight to appreciate rap lyrics and Pinot Grigio. Anyway, Van Morrison was singing to me tonight…… “I want to rock your gypsy soul, just like way back in the days of old, and together we can flow into the mystic, come on girl…..too late to stop now….” 

Don’t worry Van, I’m not stopping! Because it’s a marvelous night for a moondance….”

(Someday, I hope to see a full moon in his hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland….)

(Videos from: TheVirgoClown and rtenewsonone on youtube. Thank you for the use.)

Ten things I learned from watching the Mayweather-Canela fight tonight

1.  A 36 yr old middle-aged person can still put a beat-down on a 23 yr old.

2. Experience allows you to take more hits without your eyes swelling shut.

3.  Experience allows you to think before reacting, permitting you to see the sweet spot and roll out when your back is against the ropes.

4.  No man should ever fail while his children are seated in the front row chanting, “Go Daddy, Go!”

5.  Age might be quicker, but experience has seen it all before, doesn’t panic  and finds a game plan.

6.  Keep your left shoulder aimed at your opponent, keep your right fist ready and keep dancing.

7.  Class and sportsmanship are timeless and always in style.

8. Smile at an opponent when they connect a hit, show anything but fear.

9. Fiercely stare your target down when the bell rings so that they’ll know you’re not tired & still hungry for blood. 

10.  When you push an opponent off of you for holding; punch hard as you push back, show no mercy when your opponent is stalling to catch their breath.

I sware I am going to learn this dance routine

Just give me a few weeks and I’m probably going to need some alcohol to loosen up…but I got thisss. I’m never going to look at hotel check in the sameway again.  This Dance Routine Rocks!!


Next wedding I get invited to… Well, I feel sorry for those people come reception time haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Vladimir Putin makes me want to listen to Country Music….

I love the USA and I admire the life my grandparents made by working hard and farming every moment of their existance.

    In fact, it was exceptional.


Sidenote: I always sing this song at the top of my lungs….reminds me of some good times…


Young people don’t know how to hold a cell phone and they need a pinch on the arm!

When I was shopping this past weekend, I couldn’t believe the amount of young men and women who walk with their cell phone held right in front of their face. They don’t even look around or up to see if they are about to walk into a person or thing?  When I first started my blog, I posted about how rude kids were to elders, expecting older people to move out of their way… Well, this blogger doesn’t move out-of-the-way for any able-bodied punk.  By the second time a girl headed right at me with her cell phone held in front of her face, nearly crashing into me; I decided to get even.  I would stop completely and stick my hand straight out and let them wreck.  I highly recommend you try this!  They would smack right into my hand, drop their phone, gasp, or laugh with embarrassment but none of them apologized or said, “excuse me.” So, I don’t feel badly for coming to a stop with an outstretched palm when I see a little twerp headed straight at me while texting. I didn’t say much myself when they would smack into my hand. I would smile coyly and say, “You didn’t look up, I had to think quickly…smirk.” There were a few people around that were totally onto me and they would smile and give me a thumbs up. Therefore, I know I’m not alone in this irritation!    Afterall, it’s the responsibility of older people to teach young kids a thing or two.  I’m teaching them to look up and why vitamin D is important, my hand stopped 100+ pound kids every time with little effort and no sprained bones. 🙂  You can always tell an older person and an effective parent by cell phone use.  A middle-aged person will still keep their phone in their purse while they text, take the time to sit on a bench, hold it down or off to the side, or lean against a wall to safely finish a text….they leave their phone in their purse or car while enjoying events with friends.  I think the saddest thing I see is kids who are sitting at tables with their phone right in front of their face texting while carrying on a conversation with their parents or ordering their food.  I wish waitresses could say,  “If you can’t put down your cell phone long enough to order, I don’t have the time to serve you.”   If I had done that to my parents as a teen, I would have lost my phone privileges, been pinched like hell in the arm and cussed at a little, in a low voice; in a foreign language Id forgotten my parents spoke.  And you know what?  It worked.  I learned to give someone my full attention while being introduced to them, I learned that its polite to speak clearly to a waitress and to always thank her for serving me.  I learned that it is polite to always move out-of-the-way of an older person and to watch where you are going.  The world doesn’t need Google Glass it’s needs more mothers pinching the hell out of their child’s arm.  There are some polite kids though,  they try to be discreet and texted under the table or off to the side.(Hats off to those parents!) For the meantime, if you come walking toward me with a cell phone held up to your nose on the sidewalk, the mall, or anywhere else, I will not move out of your way. Do we understand each other? I’m going to squirt hand sanitizer all over my hand and let you walk right into that mess and then move OUT OF MY WAY.  You’re ignoring the wrong middle-aged woman while walking and texting kiddo! 


Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Campaign

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo campaign 2013-14

Fashion & Style Guru

Fashion & Style GuruThe Jimmy Choo fall/winter 2013-2014 campaign bringing stunning Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman to the scene, who was announced the name of the high-end footwear brand back in May. Shot by Mikael Jansson, Nicole shows a totally different side of her, radiating seductiveness and elegance in the fab photos revealed and in the Jimmy Choo video, where she kind of resembles the Hitchcock heroine.

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