Older people make a better frozen pizza

When you are young pre-heating an oven takes too long.  At least it did for me.  I would buy a frozen pizza, turn the oven on, and throw it in because I had better things to do than wait for an oven to warm up.  There were  times I would try to add toppings to my frozen pizza, resulting in a pizza that was soggy in the center.  I now know, after several mishaps, that the only thing you can successfully add to a frozen pizza is a small amount of cheese and a few pepperoni otherwise the crust is ruined. One of the things I’ve noticed about getting older is that I can finally wait for an oven to pre-heat.  I understand that if I do this, it really does only take 20 minutes to cook just like the box indicates. I also have the patience to use the timer that comes built into the oven.  My frozen pizzas are perfect every time!  I didn’t have the time to stop and set that thing in my 20’s,  it took me years to get here.  Clearly I still have a lot of growing up to do, because I believe frozen pizza is a perfectly suitable dinner….. 


7 comments on “Older people make a better frozen pizza

  1. You’re just a young person with experience 🙂

  2. […] Older people make a better frozen pizza (middleagedyo.wordpress.com) […]

  3. run4joy59 says:

    Who says frozen pizza isn’t an acceptable dinner? Who made them the boss of us anyhow?

    • middleagedyo says:

      I’ve been letting Dr. Oz get to me! haaaa

      • run4joy59 says:

        Well…stop it! Just a suggestion from a former pizza parlor owner (yep, that’s me), use a pizza stone instead of a pan…heat it up in the oven first, then put your pizza on it and put it all back in the oven…makes for a pretty good crust. Or you can get really daring and make your own…easy as can be although not quite as convenient as pulling a pizza out of the freezer.

      • middleagedyo says:

        It’s the convenience that lures me back into the freezer….lol 🙂

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