Things about life and Chuck D. that I don’t understand…

Video from: Mejselskruv

There are somethings about life I don’t understand….like why did people ever think car bras were cool in the late 80’s and early 90’s, why did people do that to themselves?  I rolled up to a light the other day and saw a brand new Kia SUV with a bra on!!!  I started busting up and then I had a sobering thought that went like this, ” They still make those? OMGggggg that person had to have ordered that thing on purpose!?” then I started to crack up again.  I’ve never understood a car bra, I can barely stand a real bra, dealing with one on my car would send me over the edge. I can already imagine myself cussing, struggling as I pull the straps tighter because I bounced around too much on some speed bumps resulting in my car bra losing it’s shape and not laying as smooth as it once But thats me, I’m sure the woman I saw loves her Kia bra…you go girl!  The other thing I don’t understand is why people use resort pools when the resort or hotel is right on the BEACH!?  That is the lame……GO. TO. THE. BEACH. Go site seeing!!  IF you want to stay at a hotel pool, just save money, stay in town and go to the local Holiday Inn.  And why did Chuck D ever stop rapping?  He was amazing, I hope I run into him someday in Santa Barbara, I won’t disturb him, I’ll just pass by and say, “BASE IN YOUR FACE! NOT AN 8 Traaaacckkk…gettin it good to the wood….” I miss the good rhymes..ahhhh 1991 YO MTV raps those were the good ol’ rap days LOL….

One comment on “Things about life and Chuck D. that I don’t understand…

  1. charcoalblue says:

    It’s amazing what people will spend their money on.

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