Gregory Crewdson Photography

Take your kids to the museum it can impact the rest of their life, that is what I took from the Gregory Crewsdon documentary.  I was so relieved to hear that he too was a fan of Diane Arbus, his father took him to her show as a child. Diane Arbus is one of my favorite photographers.  Her pictures spoke to me as a young teenager and in that moment, my love of the arts was set in stone.  Her pictures made my heart race and soothed my inhibitions about willingly purveying and admiring what those around me deemed irregular.  I’ve always sought the company of uniquely odd individuals in possession of the courage to be different; it fascinates me.  But what I learned from listening to Gregory Crewdson, opened my eyes to a new perspective.  He explained that when he captures still moments in his photography, its in those moments that his life makes the most sense.  Several times throughout the documentary he states, “My life makes sense when I capture that moment.”  I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never looked at his pictures from that perspective?  Don’t our lives sometimes feel like they’ve made the most sense only momentarily?  I always thought his pictures were interesting and curious because of the elaborate staging involved, but I never really allowed myself to feel the stillness in his photos.  Some of my best and worst memories are now still shots in my mind.  I’ve staged things in my life before, a romantic dinner, my first home, a first date, haven’t you done the same?  We rearrange and decorate to reflect a feeling we think we need or want. Often, I’ve felt the most connected and at peace in those quiet, domesticated moments….a look….a breeze….a great view….dinner with friends….a drive…a talk with a neighbor….enjoyable childhood moments frozen in my mind…a road walked at dusk….great laughing fits with friends.  I see his point, we all have staged scenarios in our mind where we think we exist, where we felt the most, and we often choose to remain there, or try to get back to that place, re-stage it, sometimes to our own detriment. I want to live a vibrant life, I don’t want to feel alive in momentarily staged still shots.



2 comments on “Gregory Crewdson Photography

  1. charcoalblue says:

    Thanks for introducing me to another great photographer. He is clearly obsessed with moments but I guess that’s what makes his images so spectacular – he picks the right one. It does feel strange to think of feeling alive in still shots though – good point.

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