I’m kind of a beatboxer

Whenever I spit out sunflower seeds, I try to go into a little silly, (poser version) of  beatboxing that cracks my friends up but in my heart, its my secret tribute to the 80’s and who I believe is the dopest beatboxer ever, “DOUG E FRESH!”  I found this other guy at “ddbparis on youtube” that is pretty good but my heart will always be with Doug E Fresh he is just so smooth!!…….We ALL wanted to beatbox like him when we were kids….I still think beatboxing is a pretty amazing talent to possess….there is so much art in Hip Hop whether you appreciate that scene or not…….:) I always spit a sunflower seed like I mean it, “pthhhh…buh… buh… buppp..boom schaw schaw baddadup…….. sthhsh”..HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Thank You “Indominatv” on youtube for the clip from Ice T’s Documentary “Something from Nothing…The Art of Rap” it’s worth it to watch to the end just to hear Doug E. Fresh beatbox a little….


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