Older people make a better frozen pizza

When you are young pre-heating an oven takes too long.  At least it did for me.  I would buy a frozen pizza, turn the oven on, and throw it in because I had better things to do than wait for an oven to warm up.  There were  times I would try to add toppings to my frozen pizza, resulting in a pizza that was soggy in the center.  I now know, after several mishaps, that the only thing you can successfully add to a frozen pizza is a small amount of cheese and a few pepperoni otherwise the crust is ruined. One of the things I’ve noticed about getting older is that I can finally wait for an oven to pre-heat.  I understand that if I do this, it really does only take 20 minutes to cook just like the box indicates. I also have the patience to use the timer that comes built into the oven.  My frozen pizzas are perfect every time!  I didn’t have the time to stop and set that thing in my 20’s,  it took me years to get here.  Clearly I still have a lot of growing up to do, because I believe frozen pizza is a perfectly suitable dinner….. 


David Beckham has crows feet

I think David Beckhams crow’s-feet are one of his best features…..I am totally NOT looking at his underwear.(smirk)  If I ever get crow’s-feet, I hope they compliment me the way his do!




Who knew wrinkles could be hot…

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Dear blogger, you’re a jerk.

There may not be rules for blogging, but there are unspoken common courtesy codes that necessitate implementation and recognition.  Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person by their blog.  For instance, an ill-mannered person expects people to follow their blog, promote them, read what they post, hit the like button and comment.  However, they feel it unnecessary to follow back or occasionally hit the like button for any other blogs.  That is such a jerk move.  Of course you can’t follow everybody that follows you, and you may not want to based on interest alone, but what is wrong with common courtesy?  If a person has repeatedly liked your post and recommended your site for awards etc.  is it o.k. to completely ignore them and expect them to continue supporting you?  I say , “No, it is not o.k. to ignore another person this way.”  You may say, “So what? We aren’t friends, I don’t know these people…I blog for myself…etc.”  I would say, “That is a lie.”.  We all blog to touch another person, whether it be sharing, inspiring, connecting, entertaining or learning more about yourself in the process.  A blog should be no place for a selfish person.  To disregard a person who has taken time out of their life to comment or hit a like button for your page is rude.  When you blog,  you put a piece of your mind out there, I find it counterproductive and disrespectful to not show thankfulness for the appreciation of your very own thought process.  I for one, could never disregard a person this way in my day-to-day life, much less my blog.  I’ve watched enough Oprah shows to know, “When people show you who they really are believe them the first time.”-Maya Angelou They will not change, the ugliness you saw; will remain.  So to you asshole, I say, “I really enjoy your blog, but I will not waste my index finger on the “like button” of your page again. There are kind, soulful bloggers out there who will be encouraged and appreciate being heard, understood and acknowledged.  Those are the type of people I want in my blogging community.  Big ups to the bloggers that are not just in it for themselves.  I enjoy our time together, I am rooting for you, excited for your goals, laughing with you, hoping the best for you, grieving with you, trying out that recipe….listening to that music you posted….experimenting with that outfit idea….trying that craft……etc……

James Franco’s 15 min film


James Franco directed and stars in this film for Gucci.  Is there anything this guy can’t do right?  Oh, wait. There is one thing, he only dates blondes they are his weakness.  So how evolved can HE REALLY BE? lol  What man in his right mind would not find Natalia Bonifacci (stars in this short) attractive? Nonetheless, he is talented, handsome and edgy….I do admire his work ethic..always reinventing/challenging himself…

When you get older your bones pass gas…

Back2Back1Aging has nothing to do with becoming decrepit and whiny. That negativity is your own mental doing and I don’t intend to ever break bread with that type of aging person. However, I hear my body saying things like,” Hey, this is your endoskeleton talking and we can’t keep this shit up. You’ve put us through some wild rides, all nighters, kept us cramped in-car rides to Vegas and all night trips to the beach; you remember that time we had to go snowboarding with you and you kept falling? How about those gymnastics classes you dragged us to in high school! Well listen, we need to creak and pop if you want to go hard for another 40!”

My body has become a comedy show. It does the weirdest things and makes the oddest sounds now that I find both amusing and startling. I was resting yesterday reading a book and as I turned to grab my drink, it sounded like an earthquake had registered in my back. It didn’t hurt, it just made this sound that internally felt like an 8.0. Followed by 100 bones cracking in unison, readjusting and then releasing pressure. My first thought was, “OMG can I still move my legs?!” Followed by, “Can bones fart?” I’m not sure, but it sounded like they do. My back really went for it and it didn’t care who was listening.(This part has me worried) I don’t want to grab a pear at the market and scare small children. This eruption made me freeze for a moment because the sounds were so foreign and fast. The strange part was that when it was over, my back and overall bone structure felt better! My endoskeleton is getting even for all of the times I’ve danced all night in heels and took its hard work for granted. I hear you buddy! I’m sorry! You do all the popping you need to do to keep going, because you and I still have a lot of concerts to go to and I might decide to try rock climbing….

Things about life and Chuck D. that I don’t understand…

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There are somethings about life I don’t understand….like why did people ever think car bras were cool in the late 80’s and early 90’s, why did people do that to themselves?  I rolled up to a light the other day and saw a brand new Kia SUV with a bra on!!!  I started busting up and then I had a sobering thought that went like this, ” They still make those? OMGggggg that person had to have ordered that thing on purpose!?” then I started to crack up again.  I’ve never understood a car bra, I can barely stand a real bra, dealing with one on my car would send me over the edge. I can already imagine myself cussing, struggling as I pull the straps tighter because I bounced around too much on some speed bumps resulting in my car bra losing it’s shape and not laying as smooth as it once did.lol But thats me, I’m sure the woman I saw loves her Kia bra…you go girl!  The other thing I don’t understand is why people use resort pools when the resort or hotel is right on the BEACH!?  That is the lame……GO. TO. THE. BEACH. Go site seeing!!  IF you want to stay at a hotel pool, just save money, stay in town and go to the local Holiday Inn.  And why did Chuck D ever stop rapping?  He was amazing, I hope I run into him someday in Santa Barbara, I won’t disturb him, I’ll just pass by and say, “BASE IN YOUR FACE! NOT AN 8 Traaaacckkk…gettin it good to the wood….” I miss the good rhymes..ahhhh 1991 YO MTV raps those were the good ol’ rap days LOL….

Gregory Crewdson Photography

Take your kids to the museum it can impact the rest of their life, that is what I took from the Gregory Crewsdon documentary.  I was so relieved to hear that he too was a fan of Diane Arbus, his father took him to her show as a child. Diane Arbus is one of my favorite photographers.  Her pictures spoke to me as a young teenager and in that moment, my love of the arts was set in stone.  Her pictures made my heart race and soothed my inhibitions about willingly purveying and admiring what those around me deemed irregular.  I’ve always sought the company of uniquely odd individuals in possession of the courage to be different; it fascinates me.  But what I learned from listening to Gregory Crewdson, opened my eyes to a new perspective.  He explained that when he captures still moments in his photography, its in those moments that his life makes the most sense.  Several times throughout the documentary he states, “My life makes sense when I capture that moment.”  I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never looked at his pictures from that perspective?  Don’t our lives sometimes feel like they’ve made the most sense only momentarily?  I always thought his pictures were interesting and curious because of the elaborate staging involved, but I never really allowed myself to feel the stillness in his photos.  Some of my best and worst memories are now still shots in my mind.  I’ve staged things in my life before, a romantic dinner, my first home, a first date, haven’t you done the same?  We rearrange and decorate to reflect a feeling we think we need or want. Often, I’ve felt the most connected and at peace in those quiet, domesticated moments….a look….a breeze….a great view….dinner with friends….a drive…a talk with a neighbor….enjoyable childhood moments frozen in my mind…a road walked at dusk….great laughing fits with friends.  I see his point, we all have staged scenarios in our mind where we think we exist, where we felt the most, and we often choose to remain there, or try to get back to that place, re-stage it, sometimes to our own detriment. I want to live a vibrant life, I don’t want to feel alive in momentarily staged still shots.