It’s stuff to you, it’s art to me…


I was at lunch with one of my favorite friends and she made a reference to a house she disliked and said,” It had a ton stuff in it like your house…but it wasn’t in a cool way like yours.” lol  My eyes bugged a little and I almost choked on my sushi, but sushi is too expensive to waste, so I pulled it together and swallowed without busting up laughing.  As I drove home I thought, “Wow?  Is my house really that crammed with stuff?  I mean I don’t want to be a junk lady?” ( I am SO not a junk lady, but it was a crisis moment, I had to cover all the bases so I asked myself the question.)   I walked through my house when  I got home and I was not willing to part with any of my oddities.  I tried.  I looked long and hard, but no thanks.  I’ll keep the “house full of stuff title” as long as the stuff in question keeps making me smile and my friend(s) keep attaching the word “cool” to their references. 

Here are just a few of my favorite things……strands I make from trinkets, feathers, rocks, and origami……..hand carved wooden statues from Mexico with secret compartments shaped like bottles, that I’m assuming once held liquor……a vintage sexy lady wall decoration…….Hello, my pin board that I started years ago to remember my grandmother and the awesome pins she used to wear on her lapels…… beautiful stick puppets hanging out with art reprints I use as wall paper….how could I be expected to live without a huge sequined parrot on the post leading outside?…Welcome to my home!




2 comments on “It’s stuff to you, it’s art to me…

  1. Simone says:

    How indeed? We all need a sequinned parrot, beats the shoes from 4 boys piled in the shape of a volcano at the door. I like your stuff …. It’s interesting with loads of personality. I’d much prefer that around me than a room taken directly from a home magazine. Some people seem too scared to place their treasures for all to see.

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