Summer ate my bra!

I don’t know what it is about summer, but it’s killing my bra.  There should be a rule that say’s, ” It’s summer buy a new bra immediately or face a revolt!”  Think I’m kidding?  Well, I’m not.  Bra’s revolt in the summer and they aren’t afraid to go into battle.  They dig into your sides and shoulders, they hold onto your sweat, if you retain a little water from the heat; they’ll dig deeper into your flesh until you feel a nagging discomfort.  Above 90 degrees, elastic is not my friend.  When I get home, I shut the front door with the back of my foot, throw my bag, keys, and sunglasses onto my leather chair, greet the cat, and immediately reach behind my back and  whip that bastard off!  This is usually followed by an audible “gahhhhhhhhh” then I fling the damn thing.  If I am feeling well-mannered, I’ll aim for the hallway…..but most days I just chuck it anywhere…(FYI-today I threw it in the kitchen trashcan)…..Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to possess a healthy, ample bust, but I can barely handle a midday bra war when it’s begging for combat… has me in a choke hold and it knows it……





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