1989 I want my phone back….

I miss having a phone.  A REAL phone.  The kind you could rip out of the wall when you wanted to be on vacation.  The kind that allowed you to snap your fingers and say, “Oh yeah, I would have called you back, but there were no payphones!”  I miss going into a phone booth for privacy.  I even kind of miss kinking my neck against my shoulder while I painted my toenails, hanging on for dear life just to hear the juicy details of a friends blind date.  My speaker phone is too easy……I used to have to earn my conversations!  


My apps kind of feel like stalkers.  They say, ” Hey, I see you trying to take a vacation. You have three new emails, this could be important, put your finger on my square and I’ll show you!” or “Ew look! That blog you follow put up a great new post!  Put your finger on my square!”  My phone has also become bossy?  I mean it talks to me, directs my steps, tells me when to wake up, when I’m ovulating, pays for my coffee, tells me what to do each day, suggest my own playlist, keeps my shopping list…..  Dear phone, this relationship is leaving me unfulfilled. I need you to stop bossing me around and start to do cool things like, put my make-up on in the morning and drag me to the gym……..


4 comments on “1989 I want my phone back….

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    I was kinda shocked when I went into a convenience store one day and realized that pay phones/phone booths don’t exist anymore. I haven’t see one in ages. I am pretty sure the only one I will find is in museum somewhere. I do find it kinda weird. I miss phone cords that were bazillion miles long and got all twisted and tangled. That was fun 🙂

  2. charcoalblue says:

    I know … how annoying, the current bossy phone doesn’t quite understand the silent treatment.

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