I think I’ve begun to speak dog….

I’ve been letting my 90 pound dog come inside at night and sleep on a big round dog bed because it’s hot as hell where I live.  Usually, I can hardly get her out the door in the a.m. because she is so grateful to be inside. (I don’t like dogs inside at all yuk-Dog Lovers, don’t worry, I am caving more and more each day..)  Early this a.m. I awoke to her running and ramming her head into the cat door because she wanted out so badly.  I would imagine she was probably irritated by her inability to use the cat’s “magic door.”   Well, my cat door is now in pieces and my dog’s snout and head are a little banged up.


I had to think about it for a minute but I know what happened….she had an urge to pee.  Because I too am a female,  I can read her mind.  When you need to go, you need to go, and she was trying her best to not have a mistake.  I understand Ellz, we can’t hold it as long as we could when we were puppies.  When I opened the door she flew outside…..silence….then I heard Ellz leaping over things, rolling around ecstatically and racing around a big tree a couple of times……I know the feeling.  That’s exactly how I feel when I see an open Starbucks on a road trip and finally get to pee!……


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