McDonalds has let me down

PMS is real. It changes and is different for every woman. I don’t care what research has to say about it. I am a woman and I am telling you, “It’s REAL.” I’ll have months when I hardly notice it’s there and others where if you looked at me wrong, I could probably choke you out (one-handed) until somebody stopped me. Other times, I’m hunched over because I am so uncomfortable, crampy, and bloated. I usually (o.k. 99% of the time) crave something sweet the day before its arrival. This is where McDonald’s has let me down. What did I ever do to them? Ok, so I starrrrted trying to eat healthier, I’ve traded a Big Mac for say, pho or sushi as a cheat day meal. But hey, I’m getting older… taste are maturing…..and I need to eat healthier, Period. But psstt, this part is a secret…..I occassionally sneak through the drive through for those little pies they make that run you 2 for $1.00. No matter what town or country you are in, there is usually always a McDonald’s to keep a PMS sweet tooth in check. Those little pies really hit the spot. But this is how I know the world is going to shit. They don’t make cherry pie anymore? What? Seriously? What is more American than apple and cherry pie? First, they stopped deep-frying them (Yes, I noticed. No, it isn’t the same.) and now this! So look, if we run into each other and I suddenly start to choke you out at least you’ll know why…..blame McDonalds.



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