Linda Perry doesn’t get enough credit

Linda Perry Biography-worth viewing!

I never hear enough about Linda Perry.  4 Non Blondes…her talent…her voice…her style…overcoming hardships…her songwriting…not letting age stop her rock-n-roll style…her guitar playing…she has written number one songs for Christina Aguilera, Pink, Gwen Stefani, and Courtney Love among countless others.  In my opinion, I don’t hear enough about her. I remember driving to parties with my best friend in High School blasting “What’s Up” by 4 non blondes at the top of our lungs….we felt like a woman had finally understood the wild angst we were feeling inside….ha ha  Little did we know angst life had just begun……..but that song still makes me wish I could scream like her….she has some awesome covers on Itunes too…and she got to jam with SLASH!!!??  That would be AWESOME!!





Jamming with Slash!

Thanks to GnRKiD2k7 for the use….




Her voice…..gaw….(thanks to bobo girl for the use)


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