I don’t want to read your blog anymore….

Have you ever found a blog that you love and then it becomes really popular and all of a sudden the blog sucks?  The blogger starts promoting all their s$#@ constantly and soon thereafter, they’ll begin referring to readers with condescending blog related nicknames.  Maybe they think trying to talk to me like I’m a groupie will keep me happy, but it just makes me lose respect toward the integrity of the blog, x out of the blog page, and not return.

  I’ve seen this before, it never gets better.  It will remain promotion after self-promotion with sparse mingling of the old content here or there.  They will begin to say/write things like, ” Hello to all my____________(insert generic nickname developed from blog name) or they say things like “I’ve missed you all!” or “Hi guys!”…….  Evolving and succeeding is cool, but becoming more self involved and promoting your projects on every post kind of creeps me out.  Almost every post turns into a promotion for an event, something they want to sell you, a contest they are being paid to host, or information on events they are a part of.  I don’t want to be a part of your fan club!  I want you to be you again, legit, true to yourself, and for you to keep posting interesting things unrelated to the self-promotion of your  new t.v. show, music, fashion line, etc.  

It makes me not want to read your blog anymore………I liked you better when you were coming up……you were more interesting and didn’t call me by a nickname.



2 comments on “I don’t want to read your blog anymore….

  1. Simone says:

    Oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only who thought like this and I was chastising myself for it … well now I don’t need to, thanks.

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