Resourceful street art on a budget…



So there is this dude, I know he is a dude because I caught him once. He was very nervous, I assured him I was on his team by saying, “No, I love what you do here! It’s so interesting!” Honestly, I expected a crazy hobo but he seemed like any other young (sane) artist. He changes out these scenes about once every ten days. Unfortunately, I don’t always feel safe enough to stop and photograph, so I have missed some really awesome, elaborate displays. Lately, there have been signs taped up that say, Stop putting displays here! Compliments of the property owner I’m guessing, but I never see left over stuff in the street……people walking by take it away piece by piece. Whatever is left over, I’ve watched him clean up, place in his backpack and dispose of himself! His trinket art makes no sense to me, but it makes me laugh and smile everytime!!  The best part is that he does it in the middle of one of the creepiest areas of town.  In a spot you zoom through quickly, in order to get to another destination.  That is what makes it so great in my eyes!!  There is NO ART in this area at all, with the exception of ugly gang graffiti, blehkkk.  I don’t know where he scrounged up this stuff, but before I could dismiss it all as junk, I realized just how detailed it was….he puts thought into the randomness of his piles.Displays?(I don’t know what to call it) but you can always see the time he took to set it up.(Especially on a busy intersection)  Let me tell you, this guy is fast like all street artist…..especially now a days.  His displays crack me up and I am so glad that he is doing it in an area of town that needs it the most.  Hopefully, he can open some eyes to the endless possibilities that art allows for……………

These pictures only capture a portion of his displays but there is heavy traffic and I couldn’t safely move to the other side…I’ll catch more next time!


4 comments on “Resourceful street art on a budget…

  1. charcoalblue says:

    I’d be interested to see more. Don’t have sanely odd street artists lurking in our streets so I feel like I am missing out.

  2. charcoalblue says:

    I know, I am researching street art and ready mades at the moment and would love to see them in ‘real life’. Sooo, will be looking forward to more photos ….

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