Stoked, The rise and fall of Gator-Mark Robowski and cupcake purses…

I have two things on my mind today.  First, I had a crush on Gator- Mark Rogowski when I was a kid.  I remember a bunch of us in the neighborhood would trade skate videos and magazines, and I would always try to score the ones that included gator.  My parents hated all the ramps around our houses and the guys that would jump our metal trash cans in the middle of the night.  My parents didn’t like skate culture in general, but what really did it for them was when this guy I had pictures of taped to my bedroom wall, raped and killed a girl after declaring himself a born again Christian.  My parents put down the law after that even though I said, “Hey, that’s not indicative of my friends and their futures!!”  My rebuttal fell on deaf ears, the pictures came down and they refused to buy me anymore Stussy pants, and forbid me from hanging out by the skate ramps after school. I still think about this guy, can you believe that? All these years later?  It was a shock to me then and still is today.  I really wish somebody would land an interview with him.  I want to become a journalist for a day just to do that interview.  I would start with what the Fu#$ happened to you? (Questions like that, prevent me from being a journalist.) The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t deserve an interview after what he did to that girl.  He is most likely a sociopath, so, it would all be bullshit anyway. I really liked the documentary, Stoked, The Rise and Fall of Gator- Mark Robowski.  If nothing else, it has some great skate footage from back in the day.(Good Lance Mountain clips.)  Although, the documentary still left a lot of vague, loose ends……the whole gator story in general has never delved deep enough in my opinion.  We still know very little about what brought him to that point.  The guy seemed to have it all…maybe that was part of the problem. Updated 6-23-2013: I did find an interview with Gator from prison for Thrasher Magazine here it is:

The other thing I can’t get out of my mind today is this cupcake Dooney and Bourke purse I saw…….why would a grown woman want to walk around with a cupcake purse?  Am I missing something here?  If I am going to spend the $198.00 asking price listed for that purse it would be on some REAL cupcakes.

dooney and bourke dooney and bourke 2


2 comments on “Stoked, The rise and fall of Gator-Mark Robowski and cupcake purses…

  1. charcoalblue says:

    Obviously I don’t like what Gator did – psycho. But …. I do like how you have said what needed to be said about those handbags! Why indeed, would a grown woman feel compelled to own such a bag?

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