Please, put your busted summer feet away…..

I try my best not to concern myself with how other people live their lives.(care for their feet)  However, when you are making me privy to it, my opinionated side wants to speak up.  Today I had the joy of being in the presence of two people with the most busted and dry feet, ugh…  I wish I had the nerve to ask them some questions: How does that happen?  Don’t they catch on your sheets and hurt?  Why don’t you love your feet enough to tend to them?  Why don’t you love yourself enough to invest in moisturizer?  How do you stay married with those dry cracked feet? Please don’t continue to cram that busted mess into a delicate open toed sandal.  Don’t you see that I’m in a restaurant and trying to eat?   Oh, and to the man with those fungal toe nails…..MANnnnnn socks were invented for this kind of thing……please put your busted feet away.  One more thing, “Both of you deserve a pedicure, treat yourselves!  They have inexpensive lotions for fungus and dry skin, Please do me the favor…..”  


4 comments on “Please, put your busted summer feet away…..

  1. Hahahahaha! Amazing- I’m glad I am not the only one disturbed by nasty-ass, busted-up summer feet!

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