Angel Heart (1987)

Robert De Niro was so hot in this movie…….he’s a good little devil!

Wonderful Cinema

Angel Heart is the result of superlative filmmaking.

The story of Angel Heart is a powerful psycho-noir thriller. It is a puzzling, disturbing and fascinating ride set in a world few of us have experienced or understand.

Eclectic director Alan Parker followed up this excellent piece of screenplay writing and direction with the equally impressive Mississippi Burning (1988).

Mickey Rourke stars in his career-best performance. Watching his acting skills in this cult classic, I almost cry at the opportunities Rourke has lost through his reputation as a very difficult actor with whom to work, and his often strange career choices. 1987 saw the release of not only Angel Heart but also another great Rourke feature: Barfly.

Robert De Niro also stars in a small but unforgettable role.

In my point of view, Angel Heart is one of the best films ever made.


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