I hit up a taco truck tonight..

locked out

My friend and I hit up a taco truck tonight that was a short drive out-of-town. (Totally worth the drive) It always has a ton of patrons and tonight was no exception.  The service was great though, hardly any wait at all.  We got to admire a beautiful summer night and we enjoyed a huge rib plate for $8.00? Eight dollars?  There was so much food we each had to ask for a to-go box and I love ribs!  I’m a vegetarian until I smell meat…it’s kind of sad.  I try not to eat red meat very often but if I smell ribs or carne asada, it’s over. I really appreciated the generous portions because this particular truck doesn’t really have that much overhead; this man owns his location.  It was a great time! We laughed, cracked stupid jokes, and felt like we were at an evening time picnic! I recommend hitting up a taco truck and splurging for the Coke in the glass bottle from Mexico, it was worth the extra money! It sure did taste better!  The best part though, was when I accidentally locked my keys in my back yard and my friend had to jump the fence to retrieve them….so I drove….it was the least I could do…:)


2 comments on “I hit up a taco truck tonight..

  1. charcoalblue says:

    A friend of mine locked her keys in the car while it was still running. I was there … so funny. Looks yuuuum.

  2. middleagedyo says:

    I couldn’t believe I locked myself out? D’oh.. I need to hide a spare Key but I’m too scared somebody will find it lol

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