Margaret Campbell-A dirty Duchess! Well, can you define, “dirty?”!

In this day and age what Margaret, Duchess of Argyll did would not last in the tabloids over a week.  This lady had one hell of a life though, she dated only millionaires, royalty, heads of state, and power players. She was presented to court in London as a debutante.  What those in attendance didn’t know then is that she was a feisty, strong, sexually liberated debutante.  Nobody ever likes a woman in charge of her mind and body.  They may pretend that they do…..but they will be waiting for the first chance to destroy her, everytime.(Just my opinion)  When she married Ian Douglas Campbell, Duke of Argyll in 1951 it appeared that she had a life everybody dreams of.  Apparently, this wasn’t the case and the Duke didn’t have enough family jewels to satisfy her.  When they divorced, he accused her of infidelity and used Polaroid photos of her wearing only a pearl necklace against her in court.  I object to the pearl necklace photo; how do we know that picture wasn’t originally meant for the Duke? That’s about the only picture I can object to though, the pictures became more interesting and “dirty” as the trial went on.  In one picture, she was engaged in activity with a man whom everyone assumed was the Minister of Defense and just happened to be the son-in-law of Winston Churchill! This lady got around and that ferris wheel wasn’t going to turn unless they were wealthy.  In court, her husband produced 88 men he believed had been benefactors of her “skill set.”  Can you imagine people convening and doing handwriting analysis to determine the identity of the men in these photos? That actually happened and I think it’s atrocious.  They wanted to humiliate her and I’m sure they did, but she was strong enough to endure.  They never did determine who the headless man was in one  picture in particular and this is where I gained some respect for her; she never gave it up.  All of that pressure and humiliation, yet she refused to give up the mans name.  You never kiss and tell.  I have to admire that.  The judge admonished her and said, “Her sexual appetite was insatiable without multiple men to satisfy her.”  Uh, well that can be said about a lot of young women today too!  Except we call this behavior “celebrity” or “entertainment” in the form of a provocative television show.  I know I am slightly making light of the situation and maybe she did have a real problem like an addiction, but she could also have just been one hell of a confidently liberated woman.  Similar to the kind we see today on all of our magazine covers…

“I don’t think anybody has real style or class any more. Everyone’s gotten old and fat.”-

“Always a poodle, only a poodle! That, and three strands of pearls!” she said. “Together they are absolutely the essential things in life.”[-Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll

I am going to read her memoir, “Forget Not.”


2 comments on “Margaret Campbell-A dirty Duchess! Well, can you define, “dirty?”!

  1. CD says:

    You admire a WHORE!

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