I’m going to walk through a tree!

I’m going to move like a phantom and walk through a tree this weekend!  I’m stoked!  I’m going to do my best to take pictures for my blog!  I can’t wait to hug the 3rd largest tree in the world!  I’ll pass by and say, “Hi” to 11th tallest too, don’t want to leave that little guy out. I’ve always wanted to see this place in California………..I’ll get to wear mountainwear! I know I have boots, bug repellant, survival gear, and all kinds of cute mountainwear somewhere in my closet….I’m going to try to dress like I’m a ranger!  I want to blend in and not look too touristy….ha-ha I already bought my picnic food and a bag of Ice for my ice chest!(I can rough it only to a point….this woman needs ice.)  I hope there are wildflowers in bloom? I want to picnic with a view of wildflowers among those massive trees! Whoooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo  SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!! 


Grant Grove:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Grant_Grove





Resourceful street art on a budget…



So there is this dude, I know he is a dude because I caught him once. He was very nervous, I assured him I was on his team by saying, “No, I love what you do here! It’s so interesting!” Honestly, I expected a crazy hobo but he seemed like any other young (sane) artist. He changes out these scenes about once every ten days. Unfortunately, I don’t always feel safe enough to stop and photograph, so I have missed some really awesome, elaborate displays. Lately, there have been signs taped up that say, Stop putting displays here! Compliments of the property owner I’m guessing, but I never see left over stuff in the street……people walking by take it away piece by piece. Whatever is left over, I’ve watched him clean up, place in his backpack and dispose of himself! His trinket art makes no sense to me, but it makes me laugh and smile everytime!!  The best part is that he does it in the middle of one of the creepiest areas of town.  In a spot you zoom through quickly, in order to get to another destination.  That is what makes it so great in my eyes!!  There is NO ART in this area at all, with the exception of ugly gang graffiti, blehkkk.  I don’t know where he scrounged up this stuff, but before I could dismiss it all as junk, I realized just how detailed it was….he puts thought into the randomness of his piles.Displays?(I don’t know what to call it) but you can always see the time he took to set it up.(Especially on a busy intersection)  Let me tell you, this guy is fast like all street artist…..especially now a days.  His displays crack me up and I am so glad that he is doing it in an area of town that needs it the most.  Hopefully, he can open some eyes to the endless possibilities that art allows for……………

These pictures only capture a portion of his displays but there is heavy traffic and I couldn’t safely move to the other side…I’ll catch more next time!

Michelle Violy Harper reminds me of Isabella Blow

michell harper 3michelle harper

I hate to make that comparison because in my mind, THERE IS AND WILL ONLY EVER BE  ONE ISABELLA BLOW.  I really like Michelle Violy Harper’s vibe! I make this comparison with the same admiration I had/have for Isabella Blow; I admire a woman going her own way!  Michelle Harper is very interesting and intriguing: Intelligent. Ambitious. Cultured. Wealthy. Always on. Random.(She did a Target ad about Tide detergent? What Thuh…?)Fabulously dressed. Original. I.Want.Her.Clothes. I also find it intriguing that she holds the interest (As in a relationship) of the equally interesting Jenny Shimizu (Whom I admire by the way, because she was discovered while working as a mechanic (how many models can say that!) and she was androgynous before it was as safe to do as it is now. Both of these women are brazen! Shimizu a model and artist also happens to be the famous ex of Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie said, she would have married Shimizu, which sounds arrogant, how did she know Jenny wanted to marry her?lol Anyway,  Johnny Lee Miller is pretty amazing who could blame Angelina for going that route!

I’m left wondering, who is Michelle Violy Harper? Good Business woman? Genius? Socialite? Club kid? All I know is that she has my attention…..I always notice a good piece of vintage clothing and a strong woman.

This was the best article I could find about Michelle Violy Harper: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/07/fashion/michelle-harper-a-woman-of-mystery.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0


The Target ad:

Stoked, The rise and fall of Gator-Mark Robowski and cupcake purses…

I have two things on my mind today.  First, I had a crush on Gator- Mark Rogowski when I was a kid.  I remember a bunch of us in the neighborhood would trade skate videos and magazines, and I would always try to score the ones that included gator.  My parents hated all the ramps around our houses and the guys that would jump our metal trash cans in the middle of the night.  My parents didn’t like skate culture in general, but what really did it for them was when this guy I had pictures of taped to my bedroom wall, raped and killed a girl after declaring himself a born again Christian.  My parents put down the law after that even though I said, “Hey, that’s not indicative of my friends and their futures!!”  My rebuttal fell on deaf ears, the pictures came down and they refused to buy me anymore Stussy pants, and forbid me from hanging out by the skate ramps after school. I still think about this guy, can you believe that? All these years later?  It was a shock to me then and still is today.  I really wish somebody would land an interview with him.  I want to become a journalist for a day just to do that interview.  I would start with what the Fu#$ happened to you? (Questions like that, prevent me from being a journalist.) The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t deserve an interview after what he did to that girl.  He is most likely a sociopath, so, it would all be bullshit anyway. I really liked the documentary, Stoked, The Rise and Fall of Gator- Mark Robowski.  If nothing else, it has some great skate footage from back in the day.(Good Lance Mountain clips.)  Although, the documentary still left a lot of vague, loose ends……the whole gator story in general has never delved deep enough in my opinion.  We still know very little about what brought him to that point.  The guy seemed to have it all…maybe that was part of the problem. Updated 6-23-2013: I did find an interview with Gator from prison for Thrasher Magazine here it is:http://www.thrashermagazine.com/imagesV2/Burnout/2013/Magazine_1996/April_1996/TH0496Apr1996p28-29_800t.jpg

The other thing I can’t get out of my mind today is this cupcake Dooney and Bourke purse I saw…….why would a grown woman want to walk around with a cupcake purse?  Am I missing something here?  If I am going to spend the $198.00 asking price listed for that purse it would be on some REAL cupcakes.

dooney and bourke dooney and bourke 2

Please, put your busted summer feet away…..

I try my best not to concern myself with how other people live their lives.(care for their feet)  However, when you are making me privy to it, my opinionated side wants to speak up.  Today I had the joy of being in the presence of two people with the most busted and dry feet, ugh…  I wish I had the nerve to ask them some questions: How does that happen?  Don’t they catch on your sheets and hurt?  Why don’t you love your feet enough to tend to them?  Why don’t you love yourself enough to invest in moisturizer?  How do you stay married with those dry cracked feet? Please don’t continue to cram that busted mess into a delicate open toed sandal.  Don’t you see that I’m in a restaurant and trying to eat?   Oh, and to the man with those fungal toe nails…..MANnnnnn socks were invented for this kind of thing……please put your busted feet away.  One more thing, “Both of you deserve a pedicure, treat yourselves!  They have inexpensive lotions for fungus and dry skin, Please do me the favor…..”  

Angel Heart (1987)

Robert De Niro was so hot in this movie…….he’s a good little devil!

Wonderful Cinema

Angel Heart is the result of superlative filmmaking.

The story of Angel Heart is a powerful psycho-noir thriller. It is a puzzling, disturbing and fascinating ride set in a world few of us have experienced or understand.

Eclectic director Alan Parker followed up this excellent piece of screenplay writing and direction with the equally impressive Mississippi Burning (1988).

Mickey Rourke stars in his career-best performance. Watching his acting skills in this cult classic, I almost cry at the opportunities Rourke has lost through his reputation as a very difficult actor with whom to work, and his often strange career choices. 1987 saw the release of not only Angel Heart but also another great Rourke feature: Barfly.

Robert De Niro also stars in a small but unforgettable role.

In my point of view, Angel Heart is one of the best films ever made.


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