Benetint all summer on my cheeks…


I have a hard time not thinking about decollete when I use Benetint on my cheeks.  It makes me smirk a little because of the card that comes with your purchase explaining that its original use was for an exotic dancers ta ta’s.  You can’t beat this stuff for blush in summer time though.  It’s light, stays on, doesn’t clog your pores, and being near 40, I can tell you that I appreciate the little bit of extra color (Innocent but provocative glow it says!lol)  When you need to run somewhere quickly, a dab of this stuff makes you look fresher, healthier, and natural.  I now realize why my grandma used to flip out and say, “Where is my rose tint?!”  It’s also impossible to mess up…you just rub it in exactly where you want it. When I stay out too late, I don’t have a natural rosy dew in the morning as I did in my 20’s….I need some exotic dancer boob dye okayyyy…..  I’m trying to keep my choice of aging tools as edgy as possible.  



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