Don’t call me an old man….

I went out tonight and had a great time!  On my way home I passed my favorite neighbors house at 1 a.m. I realized he wasn’t home yet. I tease him because on the weekends he comes home later than I do and he is 61!  He loves to dance and regularly attends dances organized by a group of his friends…he has invited me in the past but I say, “Oh no, come onnnn, I’m not even 40 yet I shouldn’t go to a senior citizen dance, should I?…but inside I’m really thinking, “Those friends of his will outdance me!  I can’t hang!! LOL”  He had a birthday party last year and he danced me and my younger friends under the table! It was such a great night!  I’m going to step up cardio at the gym and see if I can’t get home later than my friend this summer!  Don’t underestimate older people….I think they are having more fun than some younger people and I bet the police never break up their parties!  I want to be a party animal when I’m a senior…I’m going to start taking notes from my dear friend/neighbor.


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