I received my first Liebster Award Nomination!

I was nominated for a Liebster award by http://charcoalblue.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/not-just-grass-clippings-of-the-21st-century/ The timing was wonderful, my blog is a year old this month! I was so thankful to be mentioned in their list! I am not sure what this is though?  It seems like a chain letter that helps promote other people’s blogs.  That in itself is a nice idea, so I will participate! 


The First Step for the Liebster Award is to tell 11 things about yourself:

  1.  Somebody stops me at least once a week to say that I sound just like Karen from the show, Will and Grace. (Megan Mullally)
  2. I love raw and cooked Garlic. I will never be of any interest to a vampire.
  3. I love ALL animals and they usually love and trust me instantly! 
  4. I don’t own cable because I am afraid it will make me lazy and would interfere with my love of reading.
  5. I do however have a weakness for HBO and Showtime (best writing!) I watch back to back series via Netflix when I can find time. If I had those shows going daily on cable, I would never leave the house!
  6. I love to wear mostly black T-shirts, I don’t like to be distracted by prints and I’m too clumsy with my espresso and dessert wine for a white shirt, ever.
  7. I often get really excited about simple things!   
  8. I’m 5”4 and a half…I will hold on to the half until they pry it out of my hands.  My Dr. swears I’m shrinking.  I will find a new Dr.
  9. I love beads…I like to hang them in random places
  10.  I love art, creative people, and oddities in general.
  11.   I love music! I bounce from Vivaldi, to Country, to Gregorian Chanting, to Rap, to Jazz, to Indie, to Techno, (etc.)…it’s ALL amazing!

The second step is to answer questions from your nominating blogger:

1. What is a fond childhood memory? Being with my dad.

2. Your favourite movie? I love too many to list but I will try: The best writing would have to be: “Mystic River” I can always figure out the ending and this ending was amazing and stunning. The best true to life Romance for me would be: The Evening Star, (I love the Shirley Maclaine Jack Nicolson parts.) Lastly, if you can watch: Steel Magnolias and not cry and burst out laughing at that cemetery scene then something may be wrong with you.

3. If you could do/be anything – what would it be?  I would be interviewed by Charlie Rose about a book…..

4. Most common item you buy that is under $10.00

Razors, I’m a hairy legged woman what can I say…

5. Something that annoys you

I dislike being forced to listen to people cracking their knuckles in public. Young men that do not let women go first through an open door and those whom fail to hold a door open for a woman.

6. Something that gives you pleasure

Art, reading, driving along the coast with the windows down and the radio up, laughing with my friends….challenging myself and succeeding…..

7. Find yourself daydreaming about …. Reaching my goals. Also, traveling the world in a tricked out motor home with Joaquin Phoenix and Brian Wilson….because I too, am a ninja and rapper!

8. Where do you get your ideas for your posts? Whatever interests me; I just go with it…

9. Which do you enjoy most, pondering the possibilities or narrowing down the options? I do both equally….

10. Favourite novel

There are too many….  Recently I really enjoyed “The Pillars of the Earth” by, Ken Follett (the story is so well-developed!) and “The Book Thief” by, Markus Zusak (I loved and cared for each character) My favorite piece of classic literature would have to be Leo Tolstoy’s “Ana Karenina” because as you age, the book means different things….it’s amazing that he could write so complexly for a woman. This story also reflects the way true love is in real life: complicated.

11. Advice for a mum who will one day have 3 teenage sons – at the same time? Go to Costco and stock up on towels, food, razors, and under arm deodorant.  Then get as much sleep as you possibly can because every time they get a new girlfriend or go on a date, you will not be able to sleep.  You will be lying in bed wondering if your good parenting was enough and if they were listening, as you secretly chant to yourself, “Please don’t make me a grandmother prematurely….Please don’t make me a grandmother prematurely…..pleaseeee use a condom….please sonnnn, useeee a condom….” Repeat.


The third step is to nominate 11 Bloggers for the recognition:

Ok, Look, I can’t find 11 I don’t follow very many but these are some I love:


1. Audiosexx – The name made me a little leery at first but this is really just about a kid with a dream, his friends, and music!  He is so cute and has great hair…you should definitely check out his sound and blog.


2. http://onamissiontogetalife.wordpress.com/ Onamission- She is real and has great taste in music! I feel like I want to chill with her and her friends and I’d fit right in, I love reading her post.  She is a woman from Seattle, making things happen….and figuring it all out as she goes.

3. http://theparanoir.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/follow-me-on/The Para-Noir- Interesting and another young person who is living and trying to figure it all out.  She also seems to have great taste!

4. http://tatianasalia.wordpress.com/
Tatiana’s Diary- It’s a fashion street wear blog. I know, those can get redundant, but she keeps it simple and doesn’t ramble, so it’s fun to get outfit inspiration and check it out.  I also like how she meshes conservative style with edginess all at once…

5. http://profmattstrassler.com/about/about-me/ Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler- Because science is fun and I believe in the secret power of quantum physics.  You should check him out he is thorough, informative, and I like it!  He is like the cool older, smarter, brother I always wanted.

The clean state 704 because you got to keep it real on the streets… I love their fashion post, music, and randomness. They seem like straight up cool dudes. I believe they are going to reach all of their goals! Anybody that recognizes Biggie as a lyrical genius deserves a nod in my book.  His rhymes were wicked! They also love their parents and are in college….what’s not to support!?

Neo-Alchemist- I don’t favor the type of art he post per se but I like to challenge myself.  He seems so laid back and kind, that you want to have coffee with him and discuss the demise of Rococo….

8.http://kolbishaerva.wordpress.com/ I like this Jewish woman. She is feisty! Her post are really long so I don’t read as often as I would like, but she is funny in a dry kind of way, the jokes are in there, but you are going to need to use your intellect. I have a lot of great Jewish friends and it allows me to question them on informative, interesting Jewish topics.  It also helps me to understand something’s more clearly.
9. http://ohsomoodygirl.wordpress.com/ Ohsomoodygirl
I like this girl she is not trying to impress anybody and I enjoy her post. I feel like I am leaning on a kitchen island watching her try to figure things out while I nod in agreement and eat chips…(That is a compliment!)



The Fourth step is to invent your own 11 questions for the bloggers you nominated:

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What do you look for in a blogger that makes you want to follow them?
  3. What do you hate to see on a blog that annoys you the most?
  4. What do you believe is the secret to reaching your life goal(s)?
  5. Are you forgiving of people?
  6. What do you demand of your friends?
  7. What is a deal breaker in terms of the opposite sex?
  8. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
  9. When did you make the biggest ass out of yourself and have you recovered?
  10. Do you believe in aliens?
  11. What is your opinion of quantum physics?




One comment on “I received my first Liebster Award Nomination!

  1. charcoalblue says:

    Loved reading your responses and looking forward to browsing your nominations. Thanks for participating ninja, oh an rapper!

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