Would you have plastic surgery to look like your spouse/partner?

Well, that’s what Lady Jaye and GenesisP- Orridge did.  They underwent plastic surgery to morph into each other.  They believed that their love and transformation was a piece of living art.  They also believed that they loved one another deeply enough that they wanted to completely envelop each other physically and spiritually.  Hmmn.  They called this “Pandrogyne.”  P-Orridge was a part of the industrial bands Throbbing Gristle and Psychic T.V.  He has always been an original that’s for sure.  They did have some restraint though, in their invention of pandrogyne they decided that nothing would be removed only added through the surgeries. Genesis added some breast and his wife’s femininity in general it seems. I disagree with Lady Jaye, she said, “The body is not sacred….it’s a cheap suitcase and it carries around the real you, which is your consciousness, your mind, your thoughts, your aspirations and dreams.”  The Cheap suitcase part is what I disagree with.  The body and its health are sacred in my opinion.  Not to be worshipped, but sacred in its own way nonetheless.  Lady Jaye died of stomach cancer in 2007.  I do believe that the love they had for one another was beautiful….even though it was in my humble opinion, distorted.  However, you will not find a judge of the depth of their love here.  I have not yet seen the documentary. I’m sure I won’t be able to peel my eyes away! I’ve always found Genesis interesting, he was shocking in every decade of my youth…if I’ve learned anything from reading about this couple, it’s that there really is somebody for everybody! The trailer is posted below:(I also believe you can watch it on youtube in full?)

The picture in the limousine is my favorite one!!

2 comments on “Would you have plastic surgery to look like your spouse/partner?

  1. charcoalblue says:

    For two people who don’t seem to care much for the body, they are going to great lengths to change it. Another interesting post. I wouldn’t have been able to dream this one up.

    • middleagedyo says:

      My friends usually pay for my lunch and dinner just for cracking them up or promoting unconventional conversation…..ha! Thank you. Cute kids in pics by the way!

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