I need a neo-Chinoiserie finial please and some Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial to go.

I’m not usually big on neo-Chinoiserie but these are pretty cool.  Although, I don’t really have a lamp I want to add one to?  I’ll have to get creative.  I also really want some Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial perfume.  No, I’m not a hippie and I agree that patchouli oil can be gross, but this stuff is gawwwwwwwwww, awesome! (A girl can dream and in my dream, I have the whole Privee collection!)  I hate that word, “Privee” it means you are too normal to afford this; keep walking lady. In my mind, I lay my chest across the counter with outstretched arms, weep and scream, “Nooooo, you bastards! I really need to dab this onto my linens.  You don’t understannnnd the cheaper version will just leave me smelling like a hitchhiker.” 



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