Signs of creativity


Do creative people have markers?  I’m not so sure.  When I was younger, I used to look at oddly dressed people and think, ” Oh, I bet they are so creative! I can’t wait to meet them!” I was disappointed many times.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.  Some people outwardly look like they would be creative but are really kind of, Yawwwnnnnn.  Do you have a creative personality? 

Some signs you might have a creative personality:

  1. Ideas swirl in your head constantly
  2. You create things often from random or sparkly odds and ends around you
  3. You see trinkets and immediately start thinking what can I make with this?
  4. You look at a box and see a million options of what that box could be with a little help
  5. You are cerebrally aware…you are paying attention to details and processing things like words, facial expressions, always assessing… etc.  You notice your surroundings and what is happening in the room.  You point out random things like 18 of the 20 women in this room are wearing black shoes…
    You ask a lot of internal questions.
  6. You never walk past a tree.  You always SEE the tree.  You notice the limbs, the leaves, the colors and with appreciation.
  7. Your house looks like a gift shop or museum
  8. Books are considered part of the family and you know what’s inside every single one of them….because you’ve really read them
  9. You need alone time to recharge
  10. Silence doesn’t scare you
  11. You alter things to make them better without thought to what other people will think about your alteration.  You stand back and think. ” Ah, NOW it looks right!”
  12. You prefer to be different and not copy others. 
  13. You don’t need Pinterest, you like original ideas and your mind provides you with hundreds of new ones everyday, without prompting
  14. People use words to describe you like, interesting, unique, artistic, fun, creative!
  15. You don’t like predictability
  16. You’re playful-You try new things
  17. You have a rebellious spirit in all things (fashion, movies, travel, books, food, adventure, exploring your world..etc.)
  18. You can self-motivate
  19. You are ambitious
  20. You are mildly neurotic
  21.  Personally, I think that any person reading this who has a blog has a creative personality.  You took an empty space and created something from it! Your blog was a blank, unwritten page and now its alive and spewing your creativity all over the world!……..Big ups! Hug.







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