Flashback, were Tigra and Bunny and we like the BOOM..

It never fails, whenever I clean out my car which happened tonight, I start to sing this song….It’s weird how it pops into my head? I mean, EVERYTIME? I loved this song when I was a teenager and I still appreciate a car that goes, Boom!  This is my car cleaning jam!  If you need to clean the coffee cups and lipstick blotting napkins out of your car, you should sing this and do the dance moves, take it to another level!lol

(Thank you to Cilentbutdedli for this awesome video! I’m having a nice flashback!)


Benetint all summer on my cheeks…


I have a hard time not thinking about decollete when I use Benetint on my cheeks.  It makes me smirk a little because of the card that comes with your purchase explaining that its original use was for an exotic dancers ta ta’s.  You can’t beat this stuff for blush in summer time though.  It’s light, stays on, doesn’t clog your pores, and being near 40, I can tell you that I appreciate the little bit of extra color (Innocent but provocative glow it says!lol)  When you need to run somewhere quickly, a dab of this stuff makes you look fresher, healthier, and natural.  I now realize why my grandma used to flip out and say, “Where is my rose tint?!”  It’s also impossible to mess up…you just rub it in exactly where you want it. When I stay out too late, I don’t have a natural rosy dew in the morning as I did in my 20’s….I need some exotic dancer boob dye okayyyy…..  I’m trying to keep my choice of aging tools as edgy as possible.  


This was the best thing I’ve seen on T.V. !!

This is so great!  We should all have this much joy and confidence! What a great example! I love this couple, it is so refreshing to see something like this on late night television. This video made me smile so big it hurt a little! Thank you to Bradsterr97 on youtube for the video link:


Trust me, hit a quarter machine for bubblegum and a bounce ball!

I can’t walk past a .25 cent machine and not get excited and want to spend about $1.50.  I don’t care how old I am! Who says adults can’t buy a toy ring, a glitter bounce ball, a watermelon shaped gumball, and an awesome plastic alien with a parachute and not instantly feel better? (I like to amuse myself by dropping the parachuted aliens from atop parking garages when I’m waiting for the elevator) 🙂 Sometimes other adults look at me funny when I’m smiling and excitedly turning the key after placing my quarter into a machine.  It used to make me feel badly, but the older I become the more I think, “You can be boring and stink-eye me all you want, more toys for me!” I guarantee that a quarter machine can make you smile, you should try it!  Why did we ever stop?  I recommend hitting a quarter machine with total abandon, place a quarter in there like you mean it! Turn that key like a wild person and grab yourself a little toy……I don’t think you’re ever too old……it will make your spirit remember a simpler time, when bubblegum was all it took to make your day!  It’s also always nice to have a trinket in your pocket or purse to pass on to a friends child when they start crying at dinner.  Nine out of ten times, if you pull a little trinket out of your purse or pocket a crying child will stop instantly(FYI-you will also become a favorite aunt or uncle!)……but they can’t have it until I’ve played with it first!


Blue is the warmest color won at the Cannes film festival

I love foreign films and I hardly ever dislike a film that won at Cannes!….I Can’t wait to see this!  The film is directed by, Abdellatif Kechiche and it won Palm d’Or at Cannes, which is the highest prize you can receive.  It is about a 15-year-old girl who is coming to terms with her sexuality and in the process falls in love with an older woman.

It is based on a French graphic novel, Le Bleu est un couleur chaude, by Julie Maroh. I always like to read the book before a movie so this book is going on my to do list.
SIDE NOTE: RYAN GOSSLING LOOKS SO HOTTttt in, “Only God Forgives.” I forgive him; for hurting my eyessss!………….
Here is a list of 9 other great looking movies from Cannes we should all probably check out:

If Steve Madden had my phone number

frankie bootsfrankietryon

He would call me up and say, “You must have my Frankie Boots.  They are finally on sale, you have been watching them all year and they are going to look amazing with leggings this winter. Do it.”  I would say, “You are right. I work hard, they are real leather, a classic look, and I can rock them for the next 20 years if I want to!” “Send me the 7 1/2! But no express shipping let’s remain level-headed…”

Don’t call me an old man….

I went out tonight and had a great time!  On my way home I passed my favorite neighbors house at 1 a.m. I realized he wasn’t home yet. I tease him because on the weekends he comes home later than I do and he is 61!  He loves to dance and regularly attends dances organized by a group of his friends…he has invited me in the past but I say, “Oh no, come onnnn, I’m not even 40 yet I shouldn’t go to a senior citizen dance, should I?…but inside I’m really thinking, “Those friends of his will outdance me!  I can’t hang!! LOL”  He had a birthday party last year and he danced me and my younger friends under the table! It was such a great night!  I’m going to step up cardio at the gym and see if I can’t get home later than my friend this summer!  Don’t underestimate older people….I think they are having more fun than some younger people and I bet the police never break up their parties!  I want to be a party animal when I’m a senior…I’m going to start taking notes from my dear friend/neighbor.