It’s not summer until you swallow a bug.

Do you know how I know winter is over?  I almost choked on a mosquito today, that’s how!  I was walking at dusk and there he was, coming right at me, the wiry legged little bastard.  I actually felt him touch my tongue but my hand was in Karate form and I whacked him away.  It didn’t stop there, earlier today there was a fly trapped in the window of my office.  I’d forgotten how annoying that incessant buzzing can be. Then it dawned on me, its spring/summer time.  It has officially arrived when you’ve swallowed a bug.  Don’t try to be cool and act like I’m a freak of nature and this doesn’t happen to you, I know it has. Everybody has walked to their carrrr, and felt a little gnat go up theirrrrr noseeeee or try to. No? Not you? Ok, maybe you are cooler, you were at a Coachella singing at the top of your lungs and then the gnats made their move! It happens. You know what would send me to the loony bin though? If a june bug flew into my mouth. I would need a heart restart. Those things freak me out, they have those sticky fury legs that never let go. Have you ever tried to tap one off a screen or a shirt? eeeeekkkkkkkk I run screaming. I’ve found an upside to these free “bug snacks”, it’s also time for ice-cold watermelon, fresh cherries, loquats, and wild flowers!


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