I need some leather pants…

Scientist aren’t the only people who get to have theories.  I have a theory too. It goes like this, I hypothesise that if I owned a pair of awesome leather pants, I could do a lot of things better.  I think I could play my guitar better for starters…has anyone seen Sheryl Crow wear leather pants?  I know Bonnie Raitt wears them and she can grind a steel.  Uh helloooo, Prince?  I also think I would be more invincible and badass. I think most of the members of Aerosmith have worn them at one point or another and they’re still rockin.  I got to get in on this……it’s worth a shot.  I’ll probably driver faster, sleep better, walk with a cooler gait and command more presence, never underestimate the power of good pants!  Cowboys wouldn’t look as good without chaps. Hey, they were good enough for Robin hood he wore them too! The possibilities are endless, I better just go with it….


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