I want to live in a sundress….

I want to live in a sundress this summer.  I want one that looks good with boots, sandals, or wedges for summer nights.  The problem is, I feel too old for the short ones and the long flowing ones make me look like I belong on a broom flying around a cemetery.  I’m envious of women who can hire a driver, because I have one arm that is becoming darker than the other from driving too much which makes me uncomfortable in a sleeveless dress.  I would rock a bike with a basket and capris but it never looks chic when I do it.  I end up looking like a woman whose ass is in pain from the bike seat.  I ride along secretly hoping that somebody will offer to throw my bike in back of their truck, offer me ice water and drive me home…..andddddd pants it is!




2 comments on “I want to live in a sundress….

  1. Love your wishlist of sundresses. You know, the most fun part of fashion is not to take it too seriously. Wear what you like to wear and don’t care too much about it, and no one will notice your not so great features too!! 😉
    Do visit my blog as well if you get time: https://littlebookoffashion.wordpress.com/

    • middleagedyo says:

      I don’t care what other people think about my features in my sundress…I care HOW I FEEL IN my sundress… lol Thanks for taking the time to comment and I will visit your blog!

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