Would your best-friend help you jump out of a plane or die?


Nick Chisholm had a stroke while playing rugby in 2000 and is now locked in his own body.  Locked in syndrome means you are listening to everything going on around you without being able to speak, open your eyes, breathe on your own, or move your body.  You know what Nick’s best-friend did when he found out his friend was in this condition? He offered to kill him, to end his misery, would your best-friend do that?  Well, I’m glad he didn’t take the life of this man, because Nick is amazing!  Nick and his best-friend even jumped out of a plane together since the stroke! Nick works out more than most able bodied people the guy can’t walk or speak, but he can lift 40 pounds at the gym and press 224.  I encourage everybody to take the time to read this article from Men’s Health I’ll never forget what I learned from it and to try to sum it up here would be disrespectful; there is too much I could leave out.

Link to Article:  http://www.menshealth.com/best-life/nick-chisholm


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