Women used to box in heels and make-up…


As of 2012, female boxing once again became an Olympic sport and we don’t even have to wear heels or make-up! Can you believe women were still fighting for their right to box in 1992? Wow.  Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the well paved roads we enjoy because of the women who fought like hell before us and cleared the way.  Gloria Steinem get’s a lot of credit but before her in 1840, Elizabeth Cady Stanton was getting married and had the word “obey” omitted from her vows!  Elizabeth, never got her face on a coin like her friend, Susan B. Anthony but, I’m guessing she was the talk of New York in the 1840’s.  I would also venture to say that there were teenage girls all over New York secretly jumping around their rooms and high-fiving each other as they admired her bravery.  I bet years from now, some Golden Gloved woman will be thanking the likes of Lucia Rijker and Cathy “Cat” Davis among others and I will be an old woman who instantly becomes alert and say’s,” Hey!  Hey! I remember that!!!  That was an amazing time those 1990’s, it was the 20th century and I watched Lucia fight ……”…….hopefully a young person will be hanging on to my every word, eager to hear how far we’ve come….”   If not, hopefully they’ll be polite enough to engage an old reminiscing woman.  If not, I’ll whack the shit out of them with my purse…….


I love this video of Lucia Rijker when she found out that female boxing was back in the Olympics:


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