Movers and Shakers….


I was reading an article about the shakers.  Very interesting people, they did not believe in sex or marriage unless for the sole purpose of reproduction. hmnn… That isn’t the part that got my attention though, it was the shaking.  They would form large circles with the men on the outside and the women in the middle and violently shake.  The theory from what I gathered, was that they could shake off carnal desire, hormones, and hopefully enter into some enlightenment while they shook it all night long.  Years from now when I enter menopause, I think I am going to try to shake it! Although, I will be shaking to Ac/Dc in my version.  I’m going to shake it and get rid of hormones and that carnal desire I’ve seen menopausal women possess to wring somebody’s neck! lol  I could be on to something…..




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