A soft place to fall…

If a person shares their dreams with you, don’t laugh at them or tell them it’s impossible. EVER. There is a reason that person felt safe enough with you to share their dream. A dream is the deepest part of a person’s heart and soul. A young man shared his dream with my friend and me this afternoon and now I can’t get him out of my mind. This was only the second time either of us had met him. What an honor it was to hear his goal.  It was as if we knew instantly what was happening, there were no words needed as we proceeded in unison to hold back our doubt.  We immediately unified our thoughts to encourage this young man and to uncover possibilities for him.  As I left, I wondered to myself what it was about us that allowed him to feel safe enough to share his dream.  I believe that every dream a persons carries is sacred.  Sometimes, there isn’t an adult at home to encourage you or build you up. I wondered if this might be the case with him.  I’ve seen teenagers express their dreams before, only to be laughed at by peers or told, “It just isn’t possible” by their parents.  I’ve known children with no encouragement at home whatsoever.  I’ve witnessed adults laugh at children and discourage them when they’ve expressed themselves.  I don’t ever want to be that person.  I want to live a life that radiates a feeling of safety that all dreamers will recognize. I want the people I meet to know that their dreams are safe in my care. I vow to return those dreams a little bit stronger and shinier than before they were given.  For some reason, all of this is making me think of that old song, “A soft place to fall” by Allison Moorer(Random, I know.):


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