“The most dangerous woman in the world.”

Gawww, my friends know better than to get me started on Lucia Rijker. This is a woman who changed the face of female boxing forever. She didn’t just master boxing there was, softball, judo, kick boxing, acting, four languages, Buddhism,  and she now trains Olympians! I’m tired thinking about it! I find her amazingly inspirational. There is also something in her eyes that is terrifying when she is sizing up an opponent; I love that about her.  When she speaks, it’s evident that she is intelligent, methodical, composed, and elegant….but, a really dangerous elegant woman. lol I enjoyed watching the Sports Science episode where Lucia proved she could hit harder than a MMA male fighter. (posted above)  I was thinking about her today because I need gym motivation….I am going to amp up my workouts in the next few weeks and I will be telling myself that I can’t quit, I need some Lucia Rijker resolve!

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