Licorice can kill you.

Did you know that licorice can kill you? It’s true.  I probably nearly overdosed a few times as a kid.  It was that or the fact that the teachers has to pry me off of the merry-go-round every recess.  That could have had something to do with those upsets stomach’s.  Licorice can even affect the I.Q. of an unborn child. It’s recommended that pregnant women eat less than 100g a week.  You know it’s serious when Haribo actually issues a warning about their Pontefract cakes, “Haribo, advises, as with any other food, licorice products should be eaten in moderation.”  Haribo is a company that cares.  They care enough to make the best gummy bears ever, ev-errr, and care about warning you that candy is dangerous.  If I wrote a licorice disclaimer it would go like this: Dear consumer, please be advised that biting into an older piece of licorice while your head is near a wall is extremely dangerous because when that licorice rope finally snaps, your head can suddenly….ow, owww……




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