Romanesque and early Gothic glass cracking…


It amazes me what people can create using stained glass.  I tried it once.  I ended up with a messy work station, cut fingers and a deflated ego.  Definitely not my forte.  It is really something the way an artist can design something this beautiful ahead of time and then get the piece to fit in a window sill snugly! 

lycurgus2<The Egyptians and the Romans paved the way for beautiful forms in glass. I want to drink wine from the Roman Lycurgus cup!  Those designs are ground into the glass telling the mythical story of King Lycurgus….  Although, I do not believe that Ambrosia killed King Lycurgus.  I'm sure there is more to the story.  And, if she did, he probably had it coming and really pissed her off before she transformed into a vine enveloping the king and crushing him to death.  I would like to get Dionysus’ opinion he is also on the cup, watching the whole thing.


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