OMG! Becky. Look. At. Her. Butt! I mean hands….I mean butt.

People are injecting fillers into their hands to hide aging and wrinkles….WHAAAAT? Did you know as you age your hands lose volume, elasticity, and fat?   I didn’t.  Actually, I didn’t  care.  Now that I read about it somewhere in a New York Times article, I can’t stop thinking about it.  I wonder if some vain older woman thought, “I’ll tell that Dr. what to do, take some fat from my butt and put it in my hands!”   People are really putting their derriere into their hands. I mean, that would technically be an ass-shake at introductions…. I need to think about this————-

O.K. I thought about it and I’m NOT THAT VAIN…I mean, vein…no, vain.  There is even a vein removal procedure for aging hands.(slapping my butt free hand against my forehead) Bottom line, I’m a wimp, I like my hands and it sounds too painful.  I scream anytime I accidentally whack the top of my hand in a drawer grabbing a pair of tights from wayyy in the back.  I would never be able to get through it.  I’ve got to stop writing, I need to get on Etsy and buy a lot of really cute gloves for the future….




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