High Five San Francisco!!!!!

8 Million dollars is what it took to light up the Oakland Bay Bridge this week!!  This is now the world’s largest LED light sculpture in the world!!  San Francisco is bringin’ it!!!  BAM here we are; see us GLOW!!  This thing is going to be blazing until 2015!!  LOVE IT!!!!  Leo Villareal is the artist, lucky guy!  Ben Davis what a marvelous idea you had!  Even better is that it’s financed by private donors phewwww….  There is nothing like this anywhere else in the whole world!  Way to go America!  I think they should close the whole bridge down for a huge party surrounded by the light show wouldn’t that be great!?? Things like this make me so excited! Yes! Yes! Yes!  You’ve got two years to get over here and see this!!
I may have to rethink my aversion to software…..






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