A soft place to fall…

If a person shares their dreams with you, don’t laugh at them or tell them it’s impossible. EVER. There is a reason that person felt safe enough with you to share their dream. A dream is the deepest part of a person’s heart and soul. A young man shared his dream with my friend and me this afternoon and now I can’t get him out of my mind. This was only the second time either of us had met him. What an honor it was to hear his goal.  It was as if we knew instantly what was happening, there were no words needed as we proceeded in unison to hold back our doubt.  We immediately unified our thoughts to encourage this young man and to uncover possibilities for him.  As I left, I wondered to myself what it was about us that allowed him to feel safe enough to share his dream.  I believe that every dream a persons carries is sacred.  Sometimes, there isn’t an adult at home to encourage you or build you up. I wondered if this might be the case with him.  I’ve seen teenagers express their dreams before, only to be laughed at by peers or told, “It just isn’t possible” by their parents.  I’ve known children with no encouragement at home whatsoever.  I’ve witnessed adults laugh at children and discourage them when they’ve expressed themselves.  I don’t ever want to be that person.  I want to live a life that radiates a feeling of safety that all dreamers will recognize. I want the people I meet to know that their dreams are safe in my care. I vow to return those dreams a little bit stronger and shinier than before they were given.  For some reason, all of this is making me think of that old song, “A soft place to fall” by Allison Moorer(Random, I know.):


Don’t give up on your dream…

Don’t give up on your dreams because even William-Adolphe Bouguereau had to start small.  Bouguereau started off designing jam labels. Sure, he is a famous artist now; but he had to die first.  I bet it was painful to design preserve labels when he had that level of talent surging in his soul.  Degas didn’t know what he was talking about!  How could he slam Mr. Bouguereau’s technique? (I bet he was jealous!) For decades Bouguereaus name wasn’t even mentioned in the encyclopedia ah, but your talent will always speak for itself….even from the grave. His art is still living and now he can be googled. 


“The most dangerous woman in the world.”

Gawww, my friends know better than to get me started on Lucia Rijker. This is a woman who changed the face of female boxing forever. She didn’t just master boxing there was, softball, judo, kick boxing, acting, four languages, Buddhism,  and she now trains Olympians! I’m tired thinking about it! I find her amazingly inspirational. There is also something in her eyes that is terrifying when she is sizing up an opponent; I love that about her.  When she speaks, it’s evident that she is intelligent, methodical, composed, and elegant….but, a really dangerous elegant woman. lol I enjoyed watching the Sports Science episode where Lucia proved she could hit harder than a MMA male fighter. (posted above)  I was thinking about her today because I need gym motivation….I am going to amp up my workouts in the next few weeks and I will be telling myself that I can’t quit, I need some Lucia Rijker resolve!

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I love when a person is using their natural talent and the result is art.  Especially when the artist makes the outcome look so effortless.  I know rock stacking isn’t easy because I have trouble just stacking my socks.   Michael Grab is a great rock artist and I find his displays soothing. (They also make me feel like going on a hike)



This is the link to the artist.

Licorice can kill you.

Did you know that licorice can kill you? It’s true.  I probably nearly overdosed a few times as a kid.  It was that or the fact that the teachers has to pry me off of the merry-go-round every recess.  That could have had something to do with those upsets stomach’s.  Licorice can even affect the I.Q. of an unborn child. It’s recommended that pregnant women eat less than 100g a week.  You know it’s serious when Haribo actually issues a warning about their Pontefract cakes, “Haribo, advises, as with any other food, licorice products should be eaten in moderation.”  Haribo is a company that cares.  They care enough to make the best gummy bears ever, ev-errr, and care about warning you that candy is dangerous.  If I wrote a licorice disclaimer it would go like this: Dear consumer, please be advised that biting into an older piece of licorice while your head is near a wall is extremely dangerous because when that licorice rope finally snaps, your head can suddenly….ow, owww……



Romanesque and early Gothic glass cracking…


It amazes me what people can create using stained glass.  I tried it once.  I ended up with a messy work station, cut fingers and a deflated ego.  Definitely not my forte.  It is really something the way an artist can design something this beautiful ahead of time and then get the piece to fit in a window sill snugly! 

lycurgus2<The Egyptians and the Romans paved the way for beautiful forms in glass. I want to drink wine from the Roman Lycurgus cup!  Those designs are ground into the glass telling the mythical story of King Lycurgus….  Although, I do not believe that Ambrosia killed King Lycurgus.  I'm sure there is more to the story.  And, if she did, he probably had it coming and really pissed her off before she transformed into a vine enveloping the king and crushing him to death.  I would like to get Dionysus’ opinion he is also on the cup, watching the whole thing.