There is a lot of history behind the drink, “Absinthe”  it has been touted by artist as a life altering drink.  It’s said that Van Gogh painted his brilliant hues of yellow and greens as he was under the influence.   Its 150 proof and resembles the taste of Italian Sambuca.  It is a mixture of herbs including anise and wormwood. If you read old world literature, you may see it referenced as “La fee Verte” the green fairy.  In the 19th and 20th century France Parisian artist and writers in particular, seemed to be regular connoisseurs.  They would draw water slowly over an absinthe spoon with a sugar cube on top into the glass of absinthe before they drank it.  It would then change colors and eventually become a beautiful hue of greens and opal.  By 1915 it was banned in the United States and France among other regions.  We know those ancient Egyptians knew a lot more than we do about most things, among them how to build humongous pyramids, but they also seem to have known about Absinthe!?   What really piqued my interest was the amount of artist who enjoyed it while using it as a muse in their work?  Fascinating.  Maybe fairies do exist….?

Some artist who enjoyed Absinthe: Vincent Van Gogh-Edgar Degas-Oscar Wilde-Charles Baudelaire-Alfred Jarry-Ernest Hemingway-Pablo Picasso-Marilyn Manson- Mr. Manson has his own brand of Absinthe available in the United States.


More information on Absinthe:http://youtu.be/-JmVsm9A03A



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