Artist/Photographer Cindy Sherman….

Cindy Sherman’s art consist of “conceptional” photographs that include herself in disguise(Concepts).  I think they are praise worthy and I like that she is such an attractive woman in her normal life, but allows herself to be made ugly for some of her photographs.  Even though I fight the urge to be cynical, I always find myself thinking, “Didn’t Tracy Ullman already do this with the Tracy Ullman show?”  I feel like I need to give Tracy Ullman the original credit for this particular “concept.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Sherman’s work.  Pure talent for sure…MacArthur Fellowship award anyone? Her concepts are very intriguing and interesting. See for yourself…                           


Frida Kahlo had her right leg amputated?

Why don’t books and movies show us the interesting stuff? We would all read and enjoy art history even more.  I’ve read a lot of things in my life about Frida Kahlo and they were interesting enough; but I didn’t know that she had lost a leg and had a vaginal accident at 18!!!   I can’t believe what that woman went through!!  I have never agreed with her politically, but in my youth I related to her delirious love with Diego Rivera. I loved her self expression, the suits and ties, the flowers, the red lips and of course her quick witted verbal assaults on anybody that pissed her off.  In my late teens, I admired the passion between her and Diego, the fights, the breaking up, the reigniting of their flame during reconciliation…..but then I grew up.  As I entered adulthood, It changed again and I began to admire her courage, confidence to be who she wanted to be, bedding whomever she pleased (In the 1920’s!!!), her fashion, and the way she lived freely in general.  I admired her coy comments that delivered smoldering innuendo to naive interviewers.  I found her fascinating without knowing that a freak accident at 18 involved a tram handrail penetrating her vagina, uterus, and back during a collision and later losing her right leg.  She suffered her whole life from that tram accident.  This knowledge has allowed me to see the pain in her art in a whole new light.  When I view her paintings now, they make me feel empathy.  I still am not a fan of a lot of them, but I can see the expression in them now and that is a gift I will gladly receive.  Now, I can appreciate the darkness in some of those paintings.  The art books in my childhood home only briefly mentioned severe back pain suffered her whole life and an inability to bear children.  I am appalled it took me this long to find out about her real history.  Admittedly, she is not one of my favorite artist, so I didn’t revisit her story too often.  However, I am glad I took this time to reexamine her story.  She is all the more remarkable.  I applaud the courage she had to keep moving forward.  What a woman.

“I was born a bitch…I was born a painter.”-Frida Kahlo

“I drank down my sorrows, but the damn things learned how to swim.” -Frida Kahlo

“Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing.” 
―    Frida Kahlo

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” 
―    Frida Kahlo

“There have been two great accidents in my life.  One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.”= Frida Kahlo


Just give me your left foot….I’ll remind you of what you can do..

I was thinking about people who have overcome difficult things today and Christy Brown popped into my head.  I thought about his mother and father; what it must have taken for them to nurture a child who could only control his left foot and couldn’t speak for the first ten years of his life.  I can’t imagine a Dr. telling me my child was mentally incapable and then finding out that he is not only capable, but an artist and literary whiz.  Christy Brown had Cerebral Palsy.  When I think of people I admire, Christy Brown is always on that list. This is a man who wrote books and made art with just his left foot. He is a reminder to have courage in the face of our limitations and that we can do anything we set our mind to!   Inspiring!


An excerpt from his book “My Left Foot” here:

Charles Bukowski……A poem I adore…..


there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too tough for him,
I say, stay in there, I’m not going
to let anybody see
there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I pour whiskey on him and inhale
cigarette smoke
and the whores and the bartenders
and the grocery clerks
never know that
in there.

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too tough for him,
I say,
stay down, do you want to mess
me up?
you want to screw up the
you want to blow my book sales in
there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes
when everybody’s asleep.
I say, I know that you’re there,
so don’t be
then I put him back,
but he’s singing a little
in there, I haven’t quite let him
and we sleep together like
with our
secret pact
and it’s nice enough to
make a man
weep, but I don’t
weep, do


____No matter how many years go by this poem moves me everytime and each passing year, it means something different to me.  True poetry can do that……             

Who has style? Lemmy from Motorhead has style…

I enjoy looking at pictures in general, but I especially love true renegades and Lemmy is to be commended for that.  I love his take it or leave it attitude, commitment to his music and his Johnny Cash approach to fashion.  Do it your own way.